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Ankara Material Styles for Ladies: Ankara With the Swag, 2020

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Ankara (African prints) is a native material mostly worn by Africans and it's more popular among the West-Africans (Mostly Nigerians). The fabric gained prominence for being the most preferred material to choose from when it comes to celebrating any events.
Hardly will you find any parties a.k.a., Owambes that Ankara material won't be a part of the clothes people would wear. Ankara is also referred to as African wax prints fabric, Holland wax, or Dutch wax and it is made from textile called Ankara fabric. The Ankara fabric is known for its colorful African print, and is deeply associated with African clothing. One of the best things about Ankara fabric is the intensity of its African prints does not change compared to other printed textiles that fade quickly.
This is because of the wax resistant technique used in printing the textile. Ankara is so popular that former United State of America first lady, Mrs. Mitchell Obama, and Hollywood stars such as Beyonce, Amber Riley, Nicki Minaj, Rihana among others used the fabrics to sow different styles.

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American Stars Rocking Ankara

 stars wearing Ankara image

In Nigeria West-Africa, I'm pushed to say that, there exists no married couples without Ankara fabrics. Find one, hit the contact page above to reach me and I would get you a complete makeup set that's worth your while Winks!.
So, if you have just gotten your own Ankara or about to get one; below are some of the Ankara styles for ladies you might want to consider for sowing are:

Simple gown for the sunny days outing  Ankara style image

Ankara fabrics of different types and designs can be made to produce different sowing styles for this kind of gown especially when given to fashion designer that knows his or her worth.
Another one on the list is:

Ankara Skirt and Blouse

skirt and blouse image
skirt and blouse image

These are the real Owambes a.k.a., pepper dem liners! Owambe without someone putting on skirt and blouse, is that one Owambe? lol. And lastly on our list is:

Ankara top only

Ankara top styles image
Ankara top styles image
Ankara top styles image

All these styles are best chosen when there is that perfect trousers to match the supposed style you would prefer.

Good luck and good life.

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5 Things to not do When in a Public Gathering/Events

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You can easily change your clothes, your shoes, your bags, your undies, wipeout your makeup and apply another one but something you cannot easily change is the impression or perception people have about you because of the way you reacted towards what happened. Some impressions once formed would continue to hunt you once you find yourself in that environment where the situation occurred.
And especially in a society like ours where we have some levels of gender bias and the behavior of the female folks is quick to be judged.
There is absolutely nobody that doesn't care to an extent what the other persons think of her in a public, it is on this note you want to be mindful of your behaviors in public gathering. When you go out with friends know the do's and don'ts of public gathering so you won't be seen as "falling hands" while you go home feeling unappreciated, desolated, and sad.

5 things to not do when in a public gathering are:

No 1: Don't Fight in Public

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Though some troubles or some people can be so annoying and irritating that you just want to probably pull the strings from your bra and use it to strangle them. However, history has not shown us that that is the best way to handle such a situation.
Rather, keep quiet, observe through the stupidity of the person, when he/she sees that you are unresponsive to his/her craziness they would back off and you have yourself controlled, your eyelashes, lipsticks, and makeup still intact.

No 2: Don't Speak ill of Anyone in Public

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Raise your hand if you don't gossip sometimes!!!! Hmmmmm!!!! Mzzzzzz......... Are you shur?
Everybody does sometimes, why? Because we are humans and humans must talk about humans. But where two or more are gathered, please! Apply sense to how you talk about someone else. If you find your friends trying to instigate such conversation; try to change the topic into something that is not directed towards someone else.

No. 3: Eating Habit

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The way you eat at home should not be replicated when you go out. you might be so damn hungry I know, but eating with the left hand, right hand, mouth full that air can't even pass through is not sassiness. Rather, keep such a habit at home and eat with caution. It is not that you are not being yourself, no, as a lady with style, with class, with swag you are just applying caution to it.
If everybody gets to be themselves in public, society would be catastrophic.

No. 4: Being without Money

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One or two things might happen between you and the friends or your date you went out with and you might be left stranded. Instead of receiving public humiliation for the inability to sort the bills out you jejely settle it and deal with the person that left you stranded later; that's boss move.
So, always have money or your ATM or your phone being able to do transfer should the need arises.

No. 5: Don't ask for things that even you know are too expensive

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Girls always do this to the guys they don't fancy and yet have been persistent on a date. Instead of draining his account to zero naira just go with the affordable stuff(s) and let him be. It is better to be seen as someone with some level of decency and consideration than a glutton. You don't want to spoil the reputation that made him fancy you in the first place even though you don't want him.
That's all; Good luck and Good life.