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5 Skills you can Learn During Period of Pregnancy: 5 Skills Pregnant woman can Learn (2020)

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The time of pregnancy is the time of somewhat mini idealness. Most companies hardly agree to accept pregnant women if they tailor their curriculum vitae to look for job not minding if they can truly carry out the function they are applying for.
So, instead of staying staying ideal, knowing all the people that came in and out of your resident, sleep till your mattress starts shrinking, and making your husband to get used to your everyday predictable routines; why don't you pick up some skills that you can learn that are not tedious and are not a threat to the lives, yeah! I said lives because they are going to be more than one winks! of those coming incredibly amazing babies?
Below are some of the skills pregnant woman can learn that will still be useful to her after delivery:

No.1: Baking/Fries Making

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Trying your hands on baking probably small cup-like cakes or making fries would not only keep your mind busy; it would also open you to new ideas that comes with it.
How then can you learn it since you cannot be going for private guidance by an experienced person everyday?
The answer is Youtube!!!!! Everything you need to know about them is there. One good thing about this is that you can actually learn them within a very short time.

No. 2: Knitting

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Getting to learn how to knit different styles would be amazing. You can even knit some for the babies so they would see what mummy did for them while she was waiting for them to come.
Where to learn it Youtube!!!!

No. 3: Online Course:

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There are courses online that you need to make you better on you profession; it is time to look into them, make research about the ones that best suit your profession and enrol for it.
Most of them don't usually take up to three (3) months per say. So try it, get certificated and after pregnancy you can use it for whatever you want. This would be another bronze to your medals.

No. 4: Reading

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There may be somethings that you have not covered in your area of expertise and because of time you have not been truly serious about it.
Since pregnancy has given you enough time to spend with yourself; it is wise to get the required books and read more on that/those aspect(s) of your expertise that has always make you not to be able to raise your shoulders up like Nigerian lawyers.

No. 5: Beads Making

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Aside from being able to learn this within the shortest period; bead making is a growing industry that is gaining attention world-wide.
You can learn it, do some fancy looking ones, wear them and when anyone asks you tell them that you can actually get for them if they want.
Also your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others should be flooded with the pictures of the ones you have made, before you know it patronage would started coming.

Above all, make sure you are taking note of how your health is reacting to your new found skill, if by any means it inconveniences you and the babies; please stop it.
Have a safe delivery. Please don't forget to hit the share button below. Good luck and Good life.